Donating an old and unwanted piano does more than you can imagine

Look at your piano standing there, upright and noble. When was the last time you played it? When was the last time anyone played it for that matter? It’s gathering dust isn’t it? Just an extra place to put things. Taking space you could sublet. Okay, maybe even for New York that went a little far. You’d need a piano and a half bath, obviously.

Did you know you can donate a piano?

You must have heard that one person’s trash is another’s treasure and actually when it comes to pianos that is so true, there are places in the city who would be happy to come and take those 88 keys of your hands. You could donate piano nyc and it would be tax deductible.

Who could use it?

donate piano nyc

As you know New York City is vibrant and alive with culture and music, dance and theatre. All of those groups need the basics to help them survive and one of the most basic, really it’s an essential is a piano.

With a piano, you can rehearse. Even if you’re doing the biggest of the huge choral piece that needs the might of the New York Philharmonic and a chorus of hundreds to perform it publicly, to rehearse it you need a piano. The rest of the instrumentation can come later.

If you don’t actually need your piano

If you have thought of giving it up, please consider donating it. Music is a force for hope. It helps those struggling with mental health issues, it enlivens communities, it educates children and pushes them to meet their potential, and it spreads safe endorphins through all who are involved.

So your little old piano there, could make a cultural difference.